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Merriam Station Community Garden

MSCG provides affordable space for residents to connect through sustainable, organic gardening. We strive to engage neighbors and charitable groups to build community and promote healthy living.

In 2012, a small, but determined, band of volunteers worked tirelessly to transform a forgotten patch of land into a place of peace and beauty. Partially named after the surrounding neighborhood and a railway station that was once located near the site, Merriam Station Community Garden was born. Established with the intention of creating a fertile space that could help feed families within the surrounding community, the garden has been growing ever since. Today, the garden has more than tripled in size and hosts over 100 garden plots with close to 200 garden members.

In addition to providing space to garden, MSCG members have worked hard to become an asset to the community throughout the years. The garden’s dedicated volunteers hold a variety of annual events, host community groups looking to use the garden as a space for learning, and continually develop the site to be a welcoming space for the surrounding community. Stop by anytime for an easy stroll or afternoon picnic. And make sure to say “hi” when you do!

We look forward to meeting you!

The MSCG Team

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