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As part of our garden contract, MSCG members all agree to volunteer two hours a month or twelve hours a season. The garden wouldn't be what it is today without the imagination and dedication of our fantastic volunteers. Thank you!

Ongoing Volunteer Tasks

Outside of scheduled Community Days, members can meet the volunteer commitment in any of these ways:

  • Pick up, bag, and dispose of trash. Bags are located in the sheds

  • Mow common areas and pathways

  • Weed whack, or weed common areas and pathways

  • Spread mulch in the pathways and other common areas

  • Chop, turn, or clear material in the sheet compost areas

  • Maintain raspberry patches (installing/removing rabbit fencing, clearing dead canes)

  • Clean and organize sheds

  • Maintain communal gardens or container plantings (spring cleaning, planting, watering, weeding)

  • Tending food shelf plots (planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, etc.)

  • Other tasks particular to your block (see garden map for details)

Outside Orgs

We are happy to work with outside organizations looking to get involved around the garden. If you are interested in organizing a tour or group volunteer project, don't hesitate to reach out!


We look forward to your visit to the garden!

Garden Blocks

The garden is organized into 5 sections or "blocks." Each block is made up of about 20 gardens, each led by a block captain or other MSCG volunteer. As part of our volunteer obligations, gardeners share the responsibility for routine maintenance within our blocks. This includes tasks like vacation watering, mulching walkways, weeding, mowing, and weed whacking. Each block also leads a few specific tasks near our own sections throughout the season.

Reach out to your block captain or if you have questions about current volunteer needs around your block.


Community Days

Gardeners can also fulfill volunteer obligations during Community Days. Community Days are scheduled for about three hours on one Saturday each month, May through October. These are opportunities to get to get to know your garden neighbors, tackle some special projects, or complete general site maintenance. Snacks and refreshments are generally provided courtesy of MSCG.


Special Activities

If you have a specific interest, you can also volunteer on a special team to support things like food shelf donations or a particular communal garden. If you have questions about these opportunities or completing specific tasks, please check with your local Block Captain for more information.


Garden Circle

MSCG is lucky to have a great group of dedicated volunteers - and we're always looking to add new members to the team! This group meets on one Sunday each month to organize projects, plan events, and guide overall garden activities. Meetings are open to all gardeners, whether or not you formally join the team and tasty treats are provided. If you want to share your voice and talents to help our garden thrive, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Food Shelf Plot

This team is responsible for planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting vegetables in our two dedicated food shelf plots.

They deliver donated produce to our neighbors at Keystone Community Services three times each week.

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Communal Gardens

Volunteers are needed to maintain our beautiful shared gardens. This includes watering, mulching, and caring for the orchard in the western half of the garden and tending to the Little Alan Memorial Garden and Welcome Garden by watering, deadheading flowers, weeding, and mulching.

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